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I love shiny things. Glitter. Latex. PVC. As long as it’s shiny, I’m in. Let’s talk about latex and everything that comes with it. Latex makes people look like superheroes – it’s super flattering, you wear it like a second skin and.. Did I mention it’s shiny? ♥

I have a couple of latex pieces in my collection and I wish I had more. I have a beautiful dress, which zips up at the front. It makes my butt and boobs look lovely and it is easy to put on: no one likes getting stuck in latex unintentionally. Yes, this has happened before. Ahem.

I also have a very tight see-through dress in my collection, along with a skirt with matching top and a pair of panties. I love all of them! They are shiny, colourful and make my ass look good. I love lubing up latex and making it look even more shiny and smooth. In addition to making it look even better, lubing it up also makes it a little easier to put on. It is important to take good care of your latex, so make sure you shine it up every once in a while. 🙂

There’s lots of rubber adventures I still wish to do! First of all, I would love to play with a vacuum bed and be immobilised in tight rubber. Secondly, I really want to save up for a catsuit – I would look amazing in a smokey, see-through catsuit, don’t you think? 😉 Sadly, getting my hands on a catsuit that has the right size has proven to be a challenge, so I want to save up for some lovely latex stockings, first.

I hope you all enjoyed this little talk about one of my favourite fetish clothing. If you want to see me wearing latex: you’re in luck! I have made some videos wearing shiny goodness. 😉 I made a balloon popping video, wearing a lovely latex dress. Along with that, I also made a masturbation video wearing latex panties. There may be more videos available in the future, so stay tuned!

x jane

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