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Hi dear readers 😉 It’s time for another blog post! This post will be all about how I film my videos and take hot pictures of myself. I do all this on my own and sometimes I really wish I had an assistant. Ass-istant. To take pictures of my butt. Maybe you want to take hot pictures of yourself as well, or you’re just curious about what I do. Keep reading and find out! I won’t make any more bad jokes, I promise.

Cameras, webcams and phones

You can take pictures with any camera, whether it is a real fancy camera or the one you have on your phone. As many photographers say, the best camera is the one you have. However, I have to say that since I upgraded my DSLR with one that I could link to my phone, my pictures have improved a LOT. No more running to the camera, setting a timer, running back and hoping the picture is in focus! Now, I’m able to do all that from my phone, which saves a lot of time. In my opinion, the best camera is the camera that is the most practical for you. Whether it is a fancy, expensive camera, the webcam in your laptop or your phone, it needs to work for you if you’re going to use it on the regular. 🙂

To prove that you don’t need a fancy camera, here’s some nice pictures I took with my little webcam for a change. The header picture of this picture is taken with my webcam as well.

Playing dress-up

I usually film and take photos using my DSLR. However, we’re not there yet – we need to figure out what we’re filming today, first. Are we going for some roleplay, or is it a better day for shining up leather boots? Sometimes I make themed clips as well, like around Halloween. There’s so many options!

After picking out a theme, we still need to pick an outfit. A free tip from me: keep things simple! Pick something you can take off easily. If you want to strip on camera and you need to undo all the little clasps, straps and laces first, an extensive fancy outfit can suddenly become a pain in the butt. Take it from the girl who got stuck in a latex dress.

Let’s shoot!

After I figured out what to wear, I set up my filming space. I put away personal belongings, put down a nice blanket so I don’t get the bed all wet (oops) and set up some extra lights. Obviously, the camera is set up as well: the battery is charged, there’s enough space on the memory card and it’s ready to go!

First, I always take some pictures. Not just because I like taking pictures, but it really helps me to figure out what angles work before filming. Taking pictures is also a lot easier when you’ve not cummed your brains out yet 😉 After taking pictures, I hit the red button and be a hot mess on video. I like to move the camera around when I’m filming, as different angles make a video much more exciting.

And… CUT.

Finally, the video is done: we can move on to the next part, which is taking a nap. Filming hot stuff isn’t easy and no-one tells you about the sore muscles you have the next day. They don’t tell you about the laundry, either. It’s all worth it, though!

After a nap, cleaning up the mess and tossing everything in the laundry basket, I continue working on the video. I cut out parts of the video where I’m moving the camera around and the bits that aren’t in focus get removed as well. Meanwhile, I also do some colour correction, watermark the video and some other stuff video nerds do. I also check how the video sounds, so I can remove parts that have weird sounds in them. If you need an example of what that means: I had to cut the sound once because my roommate decided to go pee in the middle of my clip – ew.

When the video is all finished up, I share it on Clips4Sale and other clip sites. It’s a lot of work, but I love it a lot. It makes me really happy when a video looks the way I want to and gets people all hot and bothered. ♥

I hope I inspired some people to pick up their camera. Did you enjoy reading about how I make videos? Let me know!

x Jane

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