[REDACTED]: the censoring of sex workers

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If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have seen me talk about shadowbanning before. Maybe you already noticed, but I’ve been quiet on social media for about a week now. I would like to say that I’m on holiday and enjoying ice cream at the beach, but this social media break is sadly the involuntary kind. I got booted out of my Twitter account: let’s talk about this!

If you’re not sure what shadowbanning means, this is a really great article on Tits and Sass. Simply put, people just don’t see the things I post and won’t be able to find me through search engines unless they are already following me. Weird, right? Sometimes I got messages about how people hadn’t seen me post pictures for a while, even though I did post one the day before. This is why you’d often see me retweet my own stuff – I want to make sure people see it!

Stop silencing sex workers

It’s not just about people not seeing my nudes, though. A lot of sex workers depend on social media channels to promote their stuff – it’s how they make money. If your clients suddenly stop seeing your content, you’ll lose your income. Since sex workers are often independent creators, this can hit your wallet really hard. On Instagram and FaceBook, it’s even worse. Sex workers can’t even post non-nude pictures without being censored. Artists can’t even draw erotic art without it impacting their engagement.

Money is not the only issue, however. Remember how I made a post about the impact of a ‘sex law’ in the Netherlands? Sex workers are an important voice and being unable to speak out about policies that hurt us, is so disheartening. I remember how FOSTA/SESTA was coming up in the United States. Thousands of sex workers spoke out – though if you weren’t following them, a lot of the voices speaking out would just.. disappear. Poof. Sometimes it feels like you’re yelling to a wall.

And how are we going to find our community, if we’re getting banned everywhere? I have no clue how to find some of my sex worker friends without Twitter. How will people warn each other for bad clients, help each other out in need or simply talk to each other?

It’s not just social media

I wish I could say that this stops at social media. Sadly, it does not. Even banks discriminate against sex workers, and they’re not alone. For example, say you need to crowdfund some medical bills. There’s a high chance your fundraiser would get removed, just because of your job. Even if the funds had nothing to do with sex work.

And I can hear you thinking.. “But in some countries, sex work is illegal! If it’s prohibited, it makes sense that you get banned”. Sweet peas, sex work is having sex for money. Sex between consenting adults isn’t illegal. Can you think of any other act else that is perfectly legal, until it involves payment? It does not make any sense. Sex work needs to be decriminalised, as it has been shown over and over that repressive policies only make the job more dangerous. The fact that it’s a law, doesn’t make it fair or just. We still deserve human rights.

I’ll be back!

Don’t worry too much about me, though. I’ll take a little break and be back in no time. For now, I’m going to enjoy the summer and spend some time working on my website and videos. I also want to pick up camming again! I hope you’ll miss me, though 😉

x Jane

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