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Hello dear kinksters 😉 As you may have noticed, it’s been hot outside. I’ve been a sweaty, sticky mess and I’m sure I’m not the only one! In this post, I want to go over my own heat plan to stay cool during sexy times. Make sure you drink enough water, grab some ice cream and read on!

You may or may not seen the article warning people not to put ice lollies in their vagina. I support this message: please do not do this! Putting sugary goods in your vagina is bad for your health, as it disrupts the pH balance and can cause infections. If you ever licked a frozen metal pole in winter, you know moist body parts and ice cold objects don’t go well together. Even if it’s hot, you still have to be careful 😉

Playing with sensations

One of the most obvious things are, of course, ice cubes. Ice cubes are a lot of fun to play with, especially when you can tease people a little bit. I like to put ice cubes in my mouth and give people a cold surprise! You can also gently rub them over the more sensitive body parts. Don’t take them straight from the freezer to the bedroom, but let them rest for a bit or put them in a bucket with water. A downside of ice cubes is that they melt pretty fast, especially in this heat, which can make a bit of a mess. Don’t forget to put down a towel!

If you own some sex toys, you can put glass dildos in the refrigerator so they cool down a bit. Do not put them in the freezer, because most freezers are way too cold! Think of that time when you were a kid and licked a steel pole in winter. Now, think of that but with your insides. Not fun, is it? However, playing with temperature is a lot of fun! Glass dildos are very suitable for temperature play, as it’s easy to make them feel a little warmer or cooler with some water. Just make sure it isn’t too hot or cold, as that can easily cause irritation – no fun!

I still want to figure out how I can easily make a ballgag out of an ice cream popsicle. That would make for some nice playtime, wouldn’t it? 😉

Other ways to stay cool

If there’s one thing that helps you cool down, it’s water! And while playing with supersoakers isn’t very sexy, there are some other options that are. A while ago, I came across the H2O vibe, a vibrator that you can connect to a shower head. Sadly, it’s been discontinued, but it would be amazing to have a vibrator like this in this heat. Can you imagine? I tried looking for alternatives, but I’m only coming across enemas and fleshlight shower attachments. It’s too good to be true, I guess.

On the bright side, there’s still a lot of toys suitable to play in the bathtub or shower. Take some waterproof toys with you in the bathtub and have some fun! And, don’t forget about the shower head. 😉

I hope everyone had fun reading this little writing and got some new, kinky ideas on how to survive this heat in the bedroom. Let me know what you think on Twitter, because suggestions on how not to melt are definitely welcome. See you soon!

x Jane

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