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I’ve been planning to get back into camming for a while now – last night I hopped online and had loads of fun! It really made me realise how much I missed it, and I plan to get online more often. This post will be about my adventures of last night. Are you ready? 😉

When I was getting ready, I decided to wear a red, lacy bodysuit and some high heels. Simple but effective! A bodysuit is also easy to take off, which make it easy to tease and show off the goodies. I also threw on some bright lipstick to finish the look. Immediately after logging on, a couple of lovely gentlemen joined me in my cam room. After some teasing, one of them – let’s call him A. – asked if I could turn on my microphone. Of course I could, if he joined me in a VIP session. VIP sessions are one-on-one private chats, where I can be all yours. 😉

Private session #1 with A.

After turning on the microphone and getting to know each other a little bit, I asked A. what he wanted to see today. He wanted my to play with myself, and do whatever I liked best. I can certainly do that! I started playing with my pussy and teased A. a lot while doing it. Meanwhile, A. had also turned on his webcam, so I could see him playing with himself as well. So hot!

I decided to spice things up a little, and took out my wand vibrator. It’s one of my favourite vibrators, which is why it’s featured in so many of my videos! A. seemed to really enjoy seeing me squirm! It was a lovely session and I had loads of fun. Some voyeurs also sneaked a peek at this show, and I hope they liked what they saw.

Private session #2 with D.

After saying goodbye to A. and wrapping up the private show, D. joined me in my camroom. D. asked me if I was looking for a Master! I’m always up for some kinky BDSM play, so I happily invited him to a private session. His first instruction was to blow him a kiss – so cute! It was a lovely session where I was able to show off my butt a lot. I hope I was a good little slut for D.!

Wrapping things up

After the session with D., it became a little more quiet online. A gentleman from France joined me for a couple of minutes, which was a nice opportunity to practice some French. I knew those classes in high school were good for something 😉 I also had some nice talks with other people in the group chat.

At some point I decided to call it a day. I said goodbye to everyone, and logged off. After that, I cleaned up my room and moved my computer back to my desk – not very sexy, but that needs to happen, too! I really enjoyed camming last night, and I will be back online soon! Do you want to play with me too? Find me on Xcams and add me to your favourites, so you’ll know when I’m online!

x Jane

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