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It’s time for a little update! There are new videos and photos available in my stores and they deserve some attention. 😉

Watch my Feet

If you love feet, comfy socks and being teased until you can’t take it anymore, this is the clip for you. Watch my toes curl and my feet squirm while I masturbate. Feet lovers, watch the preview here!

Gagged Schoolgirl Play

My favourite schoolgirl outfit. It was really hot, so I decided to wear a ballgag and drool over myself to cool down. It didn’t work out as well as I hoped, but at least you can watch me struggle and hear my muffled moans. 😉 Find the video here for over 15 minutes of drooling hotness!

Do you like me?

Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. I found some stamps and decided to give myself some love. 😉 It came out to be a wholesome, fun video where I show off my boobs, ass and feet a lot. Aren’t you curious what kind of porn would be wholesome and fun? Check out the video here!

New photosets

Besides videos, I also shot a couple of awesome photosets. You can find my photography work on APclips, where you can find many lovely photosets to drool over.

The photos I shot wearing my lovely latex dress and fishnets came out so good! The photoset contains 10 pictures where I show off all the shiny goodies. I love the combination of fishnet thighs and latex, and you can see them through the skirt, too. Layering latex is awesome!

A lovely friend gifted me a pair of beautiful stockings. I had to take a lot of pictures of them – they’re so pretty! Look at the little peacock details in the lace, I love it. The photoset contains 9 photos.

I hope you all enjoyed this update and will check out some of my videos and photos. Everything turned out so well! I will be making new content soon, so stay tuned. 😉

x Jane

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