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I have had this toy for a while now – though I never really used it for camming! It’s not that I wasn’t using it: I have had some naughty long-distance play in the past, but other than that I just used it as a regular vibrator. However.. I did buy it for the purpose of making my cam shows more exciting. I (finally) decided to hop on cam with the Lovesense Lush!

The Lovesense toys

Anyone who watches camshows on the regular is probably already familiar with the Lovense toys. A lot of cam models have them! Tips can trigger the toy to vibrate, which is always fun in a group show. You can have awesome private sessions with it as well: giving control of the toy to someone else is very exciting for both parties.

There are a lot of different toys available. I am a proud owner of the Lush, but currently there’s a Lush 2 on the market as well. According to the site, the connection to this toy is improved and it has even stronger vibrations! Interesting.. The remote-controlled butt plugs (the Hush) and the wand vibrator (the Domi) are on my wish list as well. What can I say, I love butt stuff and wand vibrators. There’s also prostate massagers, fleshlights and a g-spot massager that are all remote controlled. Below you can find some pictures of the Hush, the Lush 2 and the Domi.

I already know from firsthand experience that the vibrations of the Lush are quite strong. I’ve heard that it’s the same thing with the Hush – the vibrations are intense! But how will it work in a camshow? Let’s find out, shall we? 😉


After setting up my cam space, I went to configure the Lush. It works with Bluetooth on the phone, and since my laptop has Bluetooth as well, I was hoping I could directly connect it to my computer. It could detect the toy, but connecting to it didn’t do anything. After some research, it turned out that you really need a separate connector for the toys. Bummer!

Good thing you can also connect it through the app on your phone. There are elaborate written guides and videos on the Lovense site, which is nice. I only used the Lovense Connect app, as I didn’t feel like I’d need anything else. The app is relatively simple: you can connect your toy and scan the QR-code on your camsite to link it to your account. You can check the amount of juice left in the battery of your toy as well. After linking my toy through the app, I was ready for the next step!

I cam on Xcams, and there’s a separate page where you can connect your toy before you get online. You can register your toy, and test if it works before you get online. I thought I’d also be able to adjust the tip amounts and reaction times from here, but I haven’t figured out how that works yet. Maybe I should try out the different apps from the Lovense site next time. 🙂

Camming with the Lush

It was a relatively quiet day on cam, but when I shared that I was trying out my Lush for the first time, a couple of lovely clients wanted to help me out by tipping for control of the toy. I even had a sexy VIP-chat where someone was controlling my toy and watching me squirm! It was a lot of fun not knowing what was going to happen next, or when someone would trigger the toy.

I was also really impressed that it stayed connected the whole time. When I had used it for private play, the connection to the toy would occassionally be lost. Last night it stayed connected the whole time, just as it was intended to do. Yay!

Maybe I am a little spoiled, but I really wanted more when using the toy. The Lush is a bullet vibe, and while its vibrations are quite strong, it isn’t that big and I don’t think I would be able to orgasm from this toy alone. It does make a very nice addition to sexy play, though, and it’s very good for teasing. 😉

Conclusion (and discounts!)

I really liked camming with the Lush, and I will certainly do it more often. It makes camshows more interactive, which is awesome. I did think that the integration of the toys could be a little better – especially if you can’t directly connect it to your PC! I’m planning to mess around with the different apps a little more, and will give you guys an update in time.

You can buy the Lush discounted for €69,- if you use this link. This is a 45% discount off the initial price – a good deal, if you ask me. When you use this link, I get a little commission as well: it’s a win-win!

I hope you all enjoyed this little review and cam adventure! If you want to see me play with different Lovense toys, check out my little wish list here! Maybe we can try them out together on cam.. 😉 See you soon!

x Jane

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