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Now, I’m not big on the whole New Years resolutions thing. However, I like to reflect on the past year, and check out all the awesome stuff I did. This post is dedicated to all the cool stuff I did in 2019, and all the awesomeness that’s to come.


Last year, I filmed and published 22 videos, which is pretty awesome! It’s over 300 minutes of hotness altogether, whoah. That’s five hours! I also love how you can see the improvement of video quality, and my editing skills. This year, I want to focus on improving audio. I got an upgrade for my microphone last year, which is awesome, but I want to work on sound design and all that lovely behind-the-scenes stuff.

Below, you can find a couple of stills from the last video I made in 2019. It’s a lovely jerk-off instruction vid, with dirty talk and rubber gloves. I can’t get over those gloves. They look so good!

I put 12 of my favourite videos in a bundle APclips: you get 12 videos for 100$! The bundle from 2018 is still on there as well, if you want to go all out. 😉


To be honest, I didn’t count all the pictures I took last year. But I’m pretty sure it’s a lot! At the moment, there’s 209 pictures posted on my iWantFanClub, and I love scrolling through those every once in a while. I also did a couple of photoshoots as a photographer, and I definitely want to do that more often.

[2020 update]: I retired my iWantFanClub account, but you can find my photosets on APClips!


2019 is the year I (finally) got my own website. Most of my visitors were from the Netherlands, with Belgium and the UK next. One of my most popular blog posts were [REDACTED] and Kinky DIY. I want to write more about kinky adventures and all that stuff, so stay tuned. 🙂 One of my favourite things I wrote on Twitter is the One Like = One Kink thread, with suitable GIFs for every kink.


It was wild. Let’s make this year even better.

x Jane

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